Join the Community Battle Of The ICOs


The battle goal is to bring exposure to new ICOs and give a voice to the community through discussion & voting.
Each Round is from the 1st-10th of each month.
The winning ICO will receive our valued Community Choice Award

To encourage honest & valuable ICO research, InitalCoinList does not offer paid ratings.
Defining a new standard of assessing Initial Coin Offerings;
the Community Battle of the ICOs provides an equal chance for all ICOs to gain exposure 
while revealing their level of engagement & community support to investors.

Our Community Choice Award cannot be bought
& can only be acquired by earning first place in our monthly CBOTI


1st place Receives:

Community Choice Award :
One month orange featured Community Choice free listing on
(Community Choice award /rating will always stay on your listing)
*includes a seal for website & certificate image – with your ICO name & shared throughout social media
1 month CC featured listing (Beginning the 11th of each month)
Featured listing includes Community Choice ad box
300 x 250 sized banner promoting your Project displayed
on the right side-bar of every ICO listing page. (for the duration of the featured listing)

2nd place Receives:

1 week free Sidebar Ad Banner on
300 x 250 sized banner promoting your project displayed on the right side-bar of every ICO listing page and blog post.
*campaign start date of your choice


How it works:

The Battle is held on where the 10 competing ICOs will be showcased. Here the community will be able to vote for their favorite ICO, check out our ICO summaries & ask any questions on the discussion board.

What we ask from the ICO Teams:

  • You will be asked to answer a quick Q & A.
    Your answers will be used to give a preview of your ICO to the community members.
    Your Q&A summaries will be showcased on the voting page & shared throughout our social media and various Crypto forums! 
  • Team Member – A member of your team will need to register to our discussion board.
    They will receive alerts if the community has posted any questions about your ICO. Also, a daily question will be asked by the ICL team during the voting period.
Discussion Board:
Once the BATTLE begins, ICO teams are welcome to share any exciting news & information about their project on our discussion board.
To get the discussion going we will be asking a daily ‘Get in the Ring’ question for all of the competing ICO teams. 
Each daily question will be posted the day of at 00:00 UTC time/ Team members may answer anytime they are available during the battle.


ICOs must be listed on to join the CBOTI (It’s Free!) – Add your ICO to
We only accept the first 10 ICOs into each Round


Join the next C.B.O.T.I HERE

(Next CBOTI will be held from Feb. 1st-10th, 2019)

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