CBOTI Winners

Round 2 – NHCT

Round 2 - Winner
Nano HealthCare Token

September - 2018


 'Get In The RING' Daily Questions  

NHCT highlights:

Q- Explain what is unique & rewarding about your ICO for investors?

This is explained in a greater detail in our whitepaper
but here is a gist. 
1. We are not a one day old company with just a whitepaper, 
we started out in 2014 and have been running a successful
business since then. 2. Our product is live and users can earn
tokens today by downloading the app. 
3. A three-tier token model that ensures the highest level
of data integrity, 
which is appreciated by pharma companies and researchers. 
4. A unique downside protection where we protect strategic
investors by making them our partners.
So that is our unique selling point to Investors!
Q -We are seeing a lot of coins drop under ICO prices these days,
What strength does your ICO have to guarantee its success once listed on the exchanges?

Prices of most ICO tokens were determined by arbitrary valuation. 
At NHCT we have been pragmatic about what our valuation is. 
Another reason why prices drop is when people realize there is
no real use of the tokens that they are holding.
Which is why we built our app first and have a sound
use case for the tokens.

Once our tokens hit the market, they will be usable from day one. 
The last reason why prices drop is when there is no long-term
incentive to holding the tokens. 
We have countered this by incentivizing people for hodling. 
We also have requirements for provider partners to hold a certain
amount of tokens for participating in the ecosystem. 
We believe all these steps will ensure that NHCT will!




Nano HealthCare Token

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