Round 4

Round 4 - Winner
Beer Money

November 2018


 'Get In The RING' Daily Questions  

Beer Money highlights:

Q- Explain what is unique & rewarding about your ICO for investors?
Offering a backup in physical product makes us different from some
other projects, added to this, sharing the benefits of selling our
product in the market makes it a good investment for our users to
buy the BEER tokens, also our program of repurchase encourages 
token trade
Q-  What will be the use of the proceeds raised?
Well as we detail in the whitepaper the money raised will be used
for the construction of a large production plant where it appears
as top 3 in our production place, hire a team willing to carry out
that work and then form our department of research and development
to carry out the development of our product to totality.

We also want to carry out social work through our foundation
where we can help people with alcohol problems and less 
favored communities.

Achieving our softcap we can bring a quality product to the market



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